What Happens If You Get Hurt at Work in Nevada?

Workplace injuries are common. As many as 2.3 million people succumb to occupational accidents every year around the world, the International Labour Organization estimates. In the US, someone gets injured at work every seven seconds. This amounts to about 12,600 workplace injuries per day, on average, according to the National Safety Council.

The high rate of workplace injuries doesn’t just cause reduced productivity for businesses but is also a major reason for lost wages. Not to forget the health impacts and disabilities they cause.

Workers’ compensation laws exist to help employees get some financial relief in the event of workplace accidents.

The Workers’ Compensation Law in Nevada

Workplace injuries happen everywhere. Nevada is no exception. But thankfully, the state has a workers’ compensation law that’s binding upon private employers, regardless of the size of their business. Even if an employer has just one employee, they are liable to carry workers’ compensation insurance and cover the expenses in case of an injury at work as required by the workers’ compensation law.

What Does the Nevada Workers’ Compensation Law Cover?

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Law covers all injuries that take place during work. This doesn’t generally include the accidents/ injuries that happen before the employees start their work or during the break, even if they are on the office premises at that time.

The law also covers any disease resulting from qualified workplace injuries or other occupational hazards.

The employees that meet the legal criteria are entitled to receive full coverage for medical treatment and partial coverage for lost wages. In case of a disability that prevents an injured employee from returning to work, the employer must provide disability benefits to them.

Some workers’ compensation insurance policies may also cover the cost of rehabilitation treatments and therapies that an injured employee may require to be able to return to work.

In case of an employee’s death due to a workplace accident or illness, the family of the deceased is entitled to receive death benefits under Nevada’s workers’ compensation law.

How to Avail the Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Nevada If You Get Hurt at Work?

Follow these steps to claim the workers’ compensation benefits in Nevada:

● Fill Out the C-1 Form

The C-1 Form is the official Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease. You should complete and submit it within a week (seven days) of a workplace injury event or getting a diagnosis for a disease caused by occupational hazards. The completed form must be given to the employer within the said timeframe. Failure to do so can give your employer a reason (excuse) to refuse to pay the insurance claim.

● Get the Form C-4 Completed by Your Doctor

If your injury requires medical treatment, have your doctor complete Form C-4 – Employee’s Compensation Report of Initial Treatment – on the first appointment.

Make sure to check with your employer if there are any restrictions on which doctors you can see for your treatment.

● Submit the Form C-4 to Employer’s Insurance Provider

Send the completed doctor’s report to the insurance carrier of your employer within 3 days of the initial medical appointment.

Your claim is only legally filed and is processed once you submit Form C-4, and a claim must be filed within three months (90 days) of a workplace accident or occupational disease diagnosis. Once submitted, your employer has 30 days to provide a response. They may accept or refuse the claim, but you have the right to appeal in case of denial.

Considering that employers often try to find ways to deny workers’ compensation claims, it’s best to have a Nevada workers’ compensation attorney by your side to ensure you do not miss any details or deadlines when filing the claim. You can also hire a workplace injury lawyer in Nevada to get help in appealing for a denied insurance claim.

Claims Against Others

If your workplace injury happened on someone else’s property (other than your employer) or was a motor vehicle accident while you were working where you were not at fault, or similar conditions, you may also have a separate claim as well. The best way to know is to contact us at The Bourassa Law Group to work with the best  lawyers in Nevada

The Sum Up

Workers’ compensation benefits fall into the category of employee rights in Nevada.

All Nevada employers are required by state law to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees and provide them financial relief if and when they get injured while doing their job. Not carrying the insurance can get the employer charged for potential criminal prosecution and subjected to strict regulatory actions and monetary fines. Despite this, employers’ risking their employees’ lives to save their money is not unheard of. Moreover, filing workers’ compensation claims can be tricky, especially when an employee gets critically injured. For all these reasons and more, it’s best to hire a Nevada lawyer with experience in dealing with workers’ compensation claims if you or a loved one is injured on the job.

Contact us at The Bourassa Law Group to work with the best  lawyers in Nevada.

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