What Happens If You Hit a Cyclist with Your Vehicle?

Bicycling is a popular way to maintain good physical health, protect the environment, and enjoy scenic routes. The unique experience brings out many cyclists on the roads. Unfortunately, it is also increasing the frequency of accidents.

If it is your vehicle that hits a cyclist, you may be liable for any damages or injuries that the cyclist suffers as a result of the accident. It’s important to be aware of and follow the laws related to accidents involving cyclists to ensure the safety of all parties involved and avoid potential legal consequences.

If you are in Las Vegas, here’s what you need to know about hitting a cyclist with your vehicle:

What Happens Immediately After the Accident?

If you hit a cyclist with your vehicle in Nevada, you must immediately stop and provide assistance if necessary. If the accident results in death or serious injury, you must also report it to the police.

Remember that failing to stop and provide assistance or report an accident involving death or injury can result in criminal charges, including hit and run.

As soon as you seek medical assistance for everyone, call your lawyer. You’d need their help every step of the way, even when filing or making a statement to an insurance company. Do not take any steps without your lawyer present.

It’s natural to be shaken up after an accident. However, refrain from speaking to anyone immediately after the accident, and do not, under any circumstances, admit your fault. Doing so will implicate you, and you will have a hard time finding a lawyer who will take your case.

How to Protect Yourself from Potential Claims?

Bicycles provide little to no protection, and if your vehicle hits a cyclist, a lot of potential claims can be made against you. The cyclist can file a personal injury claim or a catastrophic injury claim against you, depending on the injuries incurred. Therefore, you must know about all the preventative measures that will protect you from litigation.

Here are some of the key rules to remember:

  • Stop yourself from panicking and immediately check everyone for injuries.
  • Seek medical help for yourself and all the passengers, even if you are not injured in the accident.
  • Be diligent in collecting and safe-keeping all the documents related to the collision, including medical bills, police reports, pictures and videos, visual proofs of calling the paramedics, etc.
  • Do not say anything at the time of the accident other than to check if everyone’s safe.
  • Do not converse with the cyclist, their insurance company, and their legal representative in the absence of your lawyer.
  •  Do not talk to any of the witnesses at the accident site.  
  • Prevent yourself from taking any action that could implicate you.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, admit your fault.

Get in Touch with an Attorney from The Bourassa Law Group

Las Vegas averages about 490 bicycle accidents every year. Understand that accidents can happen to the best and even the most experienced drivers. As a vehicle owner, you must always stay prepared to protect your rights with an attorney by your side.

Our highly skilled Nevada personal injury attorneys at the Bourassa Law Group will be there for you every step of the way. We help our clients understand bicycle accident laws and advise them on the best course of action after the accident.

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