What Possible Damages Could Be Awarded to You After a Motorcycle Accident in Nevada?

Motorcycle accidents can be pretty brutal. They can alter the course of one’s life if they are not careful in following traffic rules and wearing safety equipment. Even if you do everything right, there is still a chance that you might get seriously injured due to someone else’s fault.

If you’ve been involved in a catastrophic accident, you will deal with physical and mental pain and trauma. On top of that, you likely have financial burdens to worry about, such as your medical bills and lost wages.

Let’s explore what damages you could win following a motorcycle accident in Nevada.

1. Medical Expenses

Most people involved in motorcycle accidents incur serious or major injuries. They need to go to the hospital for an evaluation. It is not uncommon for motorcycle accidents to lead to catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord injuries and brain trauma.

Catastrophic injuries can cripple the victim financially. Even with good healthcare, you will have to pay a lot out of your pocket unless you get compensation for damages. If you opt for insurance damages, you can easily pay a significant fraction of your medical costs.

2. Lost Wages

Many people suffering from motorcycle accidents lose their wages. If they are hospitalized and unable to work, they are missing out on their salaries. This is a disaster for many who rely on their monthly paychecks to get by.

If your condition is debilitating, you might lose out on months or years of work. In extreme cases, you may not be able to work ever again.

However, if you live in Nevada, you can get compensation for these losses. Also, you can even receive fair value for your future income losses as part of an insurance policy.

3. Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are considered non-economic damages because they are not obvious. However, the mental anguish you suffer from a motorcycle accident can be debilitating. This has a major impact on the victim’s life quality and makes it possible for them to seek compensation for these losses.

However, you will need a competent lawyer to help you win fair value for these losses. If you can’t visibly see these damages, proving them in a court of law will be difficult. But it is possible if you hire the right attorney to handle your case.

Some ways to gather evidence for your pain and suffering are from a psychiatric evaluation. Your psychiatrist can write a report about your mental health and the degree to which it has affected your everyday life. Your lawyer then presents this in court in addition to other intangible pieces of evidence, leading to a beneficial outcome.

4. Replacement Services

Some people are caregivers and have responsibilities they cannot fulfill following a motorcycle accident. In such cases, they must prove their work or services were essential. They may suffer financial losses due to a loss of these services, which needs to be proved through documentation.

If you have a competent lawyer, you will likely receive some compensation for your losses. However, you should compile all evidence to increase your chances of winning your case. Your lawyer can help you to the degree that you take responsibility for your case and compile the necessary documents as evidence.

5. Property Damage

If you get away with little to no injuries, you can still recover compensation for property damage. If your motorcycle is damaged or destroyed, you can receive money for repairs or a replacement.

It is also possible to get compensation for other property, such as cell phones and anything you might be carrying in a backpack, such as a laptop. This is good news for motorcycle accident victims who can be reimbursed for their losses.

Contact Bourassa Law Group For Motorcycle Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need a competent lawyer on your side. They can evaluate the circumstances of your case and provide you with their expert knowledge to build a strong case.

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