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What to Do If a Nevada Police Officer Threatens You During a Traffic Stop?

Police misconduct may not be an everyday occurrence in Nevada, but it does happen and can take many forms. But sometimes, things that police officers may do within their legal rights boundaries can be wrongfully interpreted as misconduct. It’s important to understand the difference because the former, when done without any reasonable cause, gives you the right to file a lawsuit against the police.

Can a Police Officer Threaten You During a Traffic Stop?

It depends on the situation and what they are threatening you for.

If a police officer is threatening you with detention or arrest because you refuse to establish your identity and/or show your driver’s license or are interfering with/ obstructing their work, they are well within their legal boundaries. However, if they are threatening you with arrest or compliance for unlawful reasons, you may take legal action against them. These may include evidence or witness tampering, asking for bribes, forceful confession, or vehicle searches during traffic stops.

Holding police officers liable for their actions, even when they are unlawful, is easier said than done, though.

What to Do If a Nevada Police Officer Threatens You Unlawfully?

If you are unlawfully threatened by police during a traffic stop, or your rights have been violated, you can (and must) submit a formal complaint against the officer or file a lawsuit against the police department. But you need an experienced lawyer by your side to do that.

Pressing charges against police isn’t easy anywhere, and Nevada is no exception. Only a lawyer who has experience dealing with such cases can help you determine the right way forward and help protect your rights the legal way.

If you’ve been wrongfully threatened by a police officer in Nevada and you want to take legal action against them, our experienced lawyers at The Bourassa Law Group can help. We offer free initial consultation to help you determine your available legal options and choose the right course of action. Contact us now to discuss your case with a police brutality lawyer in Nevada.

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