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What Type of Surfaces Cause Slip and Fall Accidents?

A slip and fall accident can cause minor or severe personal injuries, depending on the flooring type and nature of the fall. Slips and fall accidents typically occur due to wet and slippery surfaces, leading to possible hospitalization and fatalities.

Business owners in Las Vegas, Nevada, can be held responsible for their negligence if they have contributed to the problem, such as a spillage in a coffee shop. For this reason, establishment owners must follow the correct safety protocols to prevent such catastrophes from occurring, especially when seniors are involved. In the United States, roughly 25,000 slip-and-fall accidents occur daily, which cause the most preventable fatalities in older adults.

Let’s explore what type of surfaces cause slip-and-fall accidents.

Common Surface Types Causing Slip and Fall Accidents

If you’re a business owner looking to protect yourself from lawsuits, it is worth knowing the common surface types causing slip-and-fall accidents. Negligence can lead to catastrophic results for your business and hospitalize unsuspecting folk. Let’s look closely at the flooring surfaces contributing to slips and falls.

1. Freshly Waxed and Mopped Surfaces

You can incur serious injuries if you slip and fall on freshly waxed or mopped surfaces. These can lead to hospitalization and prevent you from working, causing suffering and financial losses. In such cases, you can hold the guilty business establishment responsible for your woes.

When filing a lawsuit, you should check your particular injury’s long-term impacts. For example, you may experience a disability that leads to wage losses, allowing you to request the appropriate settlement.

2. Wet and Slippery Floors

Slips and falls are more common than you might think. Some may lead to minor injuries, while others can send you straight to the emergency room. Wet and slippery floors are commonly encountered in various commercial, retail, and work environments.

Business owners in Las Vegas, Nevada, must maintain their properties according to state-approved safety regulations. Failure to do so can result in serious legal action against them, forcing them to offer financial assistance to the affected parties.

3. Damaged Wooden Floors and Loose Floorboards

Wooden floors can easily become damaged due to high humidity levels and dampness in the environment. As a result, the warped floor can lead to slip and fall accidents, causing serious personal injuries.

Nevada business owners must take responsibility for environmental factors and their establishment flooring, preventing slips and falls that could lead to fatalities.

4. Unsecured Carpeting on Business Floors

Slips and falls can be easily prevented if business owners eliminate all tripping hazards in their establishments. Statistics indicate that 54.2% of slip-and-fall-related hospitalizations occurred due to unsecured carpets on flooring surfaces.

As a result, you can sue property owners to secure compensation for various factors. These include loss of income, medical bills, and personal suffering.

5. Cracked or Peeled Linoleum Flooring

Flooring can start to degrade with time. Business owners should pay close attention to tripping hazards potentially contributing to slip and fall accidents. For example, you can use caution signs indicating damaged flooring surfaces, protecting your business from possible litigious action.

As the affected party, you will receive financial compensation for your losses. If the business did not have signs warning of potential hazards, your case against them would likely lead to the maximum settlement amount.

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