Who Is Liable for a Lane-Change Truck Accident?

Collisions between trucks and other vehicles can prove highly dangerous for all parties involved, as well as bystanders. One of the most common truck accidents is the lane-change accident, which can happen during or after a truck or car changes lanes.

Determining the negligent party is important for the lane-change truck accident case. This ensures that the victim gets their rightful compensation.

Common Driver Negligence That Causes Lane-Change Accidents

Here are common negligent behaviors that results can result in lane-change accidents:

  • Failing to alert other vehicles of changing lanes by using blinkers
  • Not checking mirrors to see if the road is clear before merging
  • Failing to look for blind spots and potential road hazards when changing lanes
  • Indulging in another activity while driving, like drinking, eating, using the phone, or adjusting the radio when changing lanes
  • Not maintaining the same speed as other vehicles

Lane-Changing Laws in Nevada

Based on Nevada Law, the driver has to keep a safe distance from the other vehicles when passing them and must not merge into the other driver’s lane unless they have safely overtaken that vehicle. Moreover, the other driver that is being overtaken has the responsibility to yield when the other vehicle signals. They must also not increase their speed and let the other vehicle safely pass by them.

The last clear chance law is recognized in Nevada, in which the drivers are required to avoid any collisions no matter the actions of other vehicles if they are safely able to do so. If one driver is found to have neglected to take measures to avoid a crash, they can be held responsible.

Who Is Responsible for Lane-Change Truck Accidents

In a lane-change truck accident, any party can be responsible based on the situation. Here are some signs to indicate whether the truck driver or a car driver is responsible for the accident:

Signs a Truck Driver Was Negligent

The behavior of the truck driver before the accident can determine whether they were negligent when changing lanes. Here are some signs:

  • The turn signal was not used before they changed the lane
  • Trying to weave between lanes
  • Changing lanes in an intersection
  • Speeding and neglecting to slow down on wet road surfaces or foggy conditions

Signs a Car Driver was Negligent

While truck drivers are responsible for lane-change accidents in most cases, it might not always be the case. The negligent party could also be the car drivers in some cases. Here are some signs that a car driver is responsible for the lane-change accident:

  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence
  • Driving when tired or distracted
  • Not following the traffic rules
  • Making careless mistakes while driving
  • Not slowing down when a truck driver is overtaking them after giving a signal
  • Neglecting to keep a safe distance

How to Determine Liability in Lane-Change Truck Accidents

The evidence used in the lane-change truck accident to determine liability includes:

  • Cell phone records
  • Dashcam footage
  • Driver Testimony
  • Medical records
  • Police report
  • Testimony of an accident reconstruction expert
  • Traffic camera or surveillance footage
  • Videos and photos of the scene
  • Witness testimony

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