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Who is Liable in an E-Bike Accident?

Mobility within big cities has changed forever. It no longer surprises us that anyone goes to work or travels on an electric bike on a daily basis. Unfortunately, what has not changed is the risk of accidents. In fact, according to recent research, the increased use of e-bikes has been accompanied by an increase in the number of accidents, mostly involving catastrophic injuries.

Determining where the liability lies in any accident is crucial, and the same goes for e-bikes. Holding someone liable in an accident means holding them responsible for their negligence and, therefore, for the resulting damage. However, in accidents involving e-bikes, matters can be slightly complicated, and there may be questions regarding who’s on the hook.

Here’s an explanation of determining the legal liability in an e-bike accident!

Who is Liable in an E-Bike Accident?

New regulations specific to e-bikes have been put in place to regularize the situation and minimize the risk of accidents. These legalizations force e-bikers to travel alongside other vehicles following a set of rules and play an important role in determining the liability of a party in an accident. Therefore, anyone riding an e-bike must know the rules first.

Know Your State’s E-bike Rules

Regulation for e-bikes varies from state to state and involves a set of rules about the maximum speed of an e-bike, wearing helmets, the need for licensing and insurance, where and where not to ride, etc.

 For example, in Nevada, there’s no helmet requirement for people aged 18 or over, while Connecticut laws require e-bike riders to wear helmets.

Likewise, many states, including Nevada, treat e-bikes the same as bicycles and explicitly exempt them from licensing or insurance conditions. On the other hand, few states have this requirement where high-speed e-bikes are subject to insurance and licensing.

These state and local laws largely affect the legal liability in an e-bike accident. Therefore, it is crucial to understand these laws beforehand.

When the Other Driver is Liable for the Accident

It often happens that the other car driver may not have seen the e-bike and crashed into it. In such a case, they are liable for the accidents and the subsequent damages. While e-bike regulations can make the legal claim process a bit complex, they do not deny the clear signs of negligence on the part of the other passenger vehicle’s driver and hold them liable. In cases where the other vehicle’s driver is speeding, drunk, distracted, fatigued, etc., they are considered liable for the accident.

When the E-Bike Rider is At-Fault

If you break or ignore any of your state’s e-bike laws, as a result of which an accident occurs, the law will hold you liable, even if you get injured-because you could have prevented the accident and your injuries if you had followed the rules.

If so, you won’t be compensated for your damage in a lawsuit. Even if the other driver who hit you with their car is responsible for the accident, you will be liable for some of the blame and thus won’t receive a full settlement. Therefore, seeking legal assistance immediately and talking to a personal injury attorney is advised to avoid such complexities involving an e-bike accident.

Reach Out to a Trusted Personal Injury Attorney For Your Rights After an E-bike Accident!

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