Why Do Accident Cases Rise In The Holiday Season?

Did you know that as the season turns jolly, the number of motor vehicle cases involving accidents and injuries surge? This is a yearly occurrence across the country. While you’ll surely be able to find accident and injury attorneys who’ll take your case, it’s worth noting that car accident injuries can range from mild bruising to death.

The Bourassa Law Group has a series of successful settlements and verdicts, but our team knows that you’re always better safe than sorry. Along with that, all drivers have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure that they do everything in their power not to put the drivers around them in any danger.

While regular vigilance is a good practice, statistics say that during the holidays, it’s a good idea to work a little harder to steer clear of a nasty entanglement in a personal injury case. When you’re staying safe, it helps to understand exactly why the threat of a car accident is high. Here are some of the main causes:

Consider The Weather

In most of the US, the holiday months come with snow and precipitation. While that makes for some very picturesque photographs, it also makes for skidding cars and slippery roads. While accident attorneys in Nevada might not see so many cases where the weather is to blame, if you find your streets filling with snow or rain, it’ll likely lead to car accident injuries.

Make sure you have the appropriate tires and drive at a speed where you’ll have plenty of time and space to stop if someone passes in front of you. Bikers should also beware of motorcycle accidents, as lawyers in Nevada say that they face the same risk as drivers without any of the protection of a car.

Black ice is another culprit behind car crash injuries. It’s ice that has melted and frozen over again, so while it’s just as dangerous, it’s far harder to see. Even pedestrians should walk the roads with caution.

Tourist Traffic

You might be in your hometown, where you know the roads and bends intimately. Keep in mind that the streets will also be full of people who aren’t visiting families. These drivers might be driving with one eye on their navigation setup, or they could be from overseas and still adapting to American roads.

To top it off, they might be operating a borrowed vehicle. It’s not enough to watch your driving; keep an eye out for the drivers around you.

Stress, Road Rage, And Drunk Driving

During these months, many things happen that result in unsafe behavior. Stress levels can run high as people rush about to get gifts and visit loved ones. The increased traffic can contribute, resulting in road rage, which can turn into reckless driving.

The holiday parties and celebrations also give rise to impaired driving (driving under the influence).

While it’s unfortunate that the happiness of the holidays comes at this cost, hopefully, this information can help drivers and families avoid accidents. Keep in mind that these accidents and injuries aren’t limited to cars. Even for pedestrians, slips and falls can result in serious bodily harm.

If you do need to find an attorney or lawyer in Nevada, then The Bourassa Law Group has a team that specializes in personal injury cases. Our masterful team offers free consultations with attorneys that can advise you about how to proceed with any kind of injury. Click here to fill out the contact form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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