Why You Should Hire A Lawyer When An Accident Leaves You Uninjured

Has an accident left you wondering if you should find a law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada? When you’ve been in an accident that left you injured, then finding an attorney or lawyer to help you file a claim is a necessity. However, when you’re in an accident that leaves you unharmed, what about then?

The Bourassa Law Group specializes in personal injury cases, and one of our goals is to reduce acts of negligence that result in tragic accidents. When a party at fault is held accountable, they’re less likely to repeat the mistake. Even if there’s been no dire consequence, motor vehicle cases, in particular, can result in wrongful death.

Whether it’s a canine attack or a slip and fall, the negligent party should be aware of the problem so they can prevent it.

Cases Where A Claim Could Be Brought Against You

Sometimes not reaching out to accident and injury attorneys can open you up to liability. Of course, in the case of something like a slip and fall, the property owner can’t file a lawsuit against you, but in many cases, the blame could go both ways.

Rideshare Accidents

Rideshares are relatively new, and when there’s a car accident there are far more than two parties involved. There’s the driver, the company, the passenger, and the other party (the other car/bike/person). This means that the legal implications are relatively new, and even as a passenger, we have seen cases where people claim that the passengers may share sharing responsibility.

If there’s a collision, at the time, it might seem like no car accident injuries have been sustained, but sometimes injuries are discovered later. If the drivers or passengers file a lawsuit, then you may find yourself in need of legal services. Since this might be discovered some time after the fact, you’ll be at a disadvantage because your team won’t have documentation as thorough as the claimant’s lawyers.

If you get in touch with accident attorneys, you can give them an idea of what happened so they can tell you if you should be prepared to deal with a case.

Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

If a car strikes you while you’re on foot, it might seem like you’re the victim, but there are cases where the driver could file a lawsuit against you. They might’ve hurt themselves as they braked, and if you were jaywalking, or neglecting your personal safety in any way, the driver could argue that you are liable.

Minor Car Accidents

Car accidents are sometimes so minor that it seems straightforward enough to let insurance handle them. Although you might be uninjured, never call the other person’s liability insurance company. These enterprises are known to discourage claimants from filing suits, no matter how legitimate.

As with rideshares, the other driver might also find that they’re injured later, and decide to pursue a personal injury case.

It can be tricky to navigate liability as a layperson, but at The Bourassa Law Group, we offer free consultations with attorneys that can advise you about how to move forward. We’re proud to say that our versatile team includes estate planning attorneys and asset protection attorneys, as well as accident attorneys.

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