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A Quick Guide to Hair Relaxer Settlement Amounts in Nevada

Though hair relaxers provide women with a solution to transforming curls into straight and smooth hair, long-term use can become deadly. That’s right; recently, many studies have shown links between hair relaxers and the high risk of cancer and other complications like skin burns, brain damage, and scalp irritation.

These products contain phthalates, lye, ammonium thioglycolate, guanidine carbonate, and sodium hydroxide chemicals. They are endocrine-disrupting and highly toxic chemicals that can enter the body through the skin and eyes and even penetrate the bloodstream through the cuts on the scalp.

Prolonged exposure to these chemicals through hair relaxers can disrupt the body’s hormonal balance, leading to various cancers like uterine cancer, endometriosis, and ovarian cancer. Furthermore, studies also show that high pH levels and chemicals like sodium hydroxide can cause serious harm to the scalp, skin, and hair fiber and sometimes even cause neurotoxicity of the brain cells.

If you use hair relaxers regularly and have been diagnosed with cancer or alteration in the normal activity of your nervous system, you may be eligible for a settlement claim.

Understanding the Hair Relaxer Settlement Claim in Nevada

When pursuing a hair relaxer settlement claim in Nevada, here’s what you must keep in mind:

All Cases Are Unique

Not all hair relaxer settlement cases are the same. Hair relaxer lawsuits with young plaintiffs suffering from brain injuries or uterine cancer may be worth more than others. It is because a young plaintiff with uterine cancer is at a higher risk of reproductive injuries and permanent infertility.

Likewise, brain damage can negatively impact the quality of life and sometimes be fatal. Therefore, payout estimates are variable. You can be awarded thousands and sometimes even millions in damages.

Damages Covered

The settlement may cover the following damages:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and sufferings

Factors That Impact Settlement Amount

Factors that may impact your settlement amount include the type of illness, severity, and length of hair relaxant use.

The Statue of Limitation

The statute of limitation on tort claims, like a hair relaxer settlement lawsuit, varies from state to state; however, according to Nev. Rev. Stat. Sect. 11.190, you have only two years to file and pursue the claim. You may lose your rights if you don’t file the claim within two years.

As a hair relaxer settlement claim can be tricky to pursue, it is best to work with an experienced lawyer. At Bourassa Law Group, we have a team of personal and brain injury attorneys in Nevada. We can help you understand your legal rights and pursue hair relaxer compensation for injuries and illnesses incurred. Call us at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation today. We can help you navigate the process and determine your eligibility for a claim.

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