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A Quick Guide to Nevada Car Accident Compensation Laws

If you are in a car accident in Nevada, you will want to know what types of compensation you can claim. In this article, we’ll take a look at Nevada’s unique provisions for car accident compensation so that you can better understand your rights if something happens to you on the road. Stay with us to learn more.

If you were injured in a car accident and have suffered from physical, emotional, or mental injuries as a result of the collision, you may be able to pursue compensation.

Nevada law allows you to sue for your pain and suffering damages without having first filed a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Under Nevada’s comparative negligence rule, if your own negligence contributed to the accident (for example, if you were weaving behind the wheel while intoxicated), then your compensation amount could be lowered by an amount equal to your percentage of fault.

PIP Insurance

If you’re not familiar with PIP insurance, it’s a type of no-fault insurance that covers medical bills and lost wages. This means that if you get into a car accident and need to go to the hospital, your PIP will pay for those expenses.

PIP can also be used as your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance in Nevada. When someone is hurt in an accident in Nevada, PIP pays for medical bills regardless of who caused the accident—and it only applies when there are injuries requiring treatment from a doctor or other medical provider. That means that if you are injured but don’t see a doctor or get treated by anyone else, then you won’t be able to use PIP benefits on your own behalf.

No PIP Limits

In Nevada, there is no limit to the amount of PIP benefits you would receive in an accident. This means that if you need a lot of medical treatment or have lost wages because of your injuries, your insurance company will pay for these costs without question.

The same is true if you need to get expensive therapy or hire a babysitter while recovering from your injuries. The only time they can deny PIP coverage is if the injury was caused by something outside the car accident—like intentional actions or driving under the influence—or if there’s proof that another driver was at fault for causing the accident (and only then, as long as they were found negligent or careless).

Comparative Negligence

In Nevada, car accident compensation is generally determined by the principle of “comparative negligence.” This means that the amount of compensation an individual can receive is based on the percentage of fault they are determined to have in the accident. For example, if a person is found to be 20% at fault for an accident, they can only recover 80% of the damages.

It is important to note that Nevada has a statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit, which is two years from the date of the accident.

If you are in a car accident, it is recommended that you seek medical attention immediately, document the scene of the accident, and contact an attorney to help you navigate the process of seeking compensation.

Additionally, Nevada is a “fault” state, which means that the person who caused the accident is responsible for paying for any damages and injuries. However, it is also mandatory to have minimum 25000$ liability insurance coverage in case of any bodily injury or death.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a car accident, you may be unsure about how to proceed. It is important to know that there are laws in place that can help you recover after an accident. The best thing to do is speak with an attorney who specializes in personal injury and will be able to guide you through this process so that it goes smoothly and quickly.

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