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A Quick Guide to Strict Liability and Its Impact on Nevada Truck Accident Injury Claims

Truck accidents are more complicated than typical car accidents due to the numerous parties that could be held responsible for the accident. In a truck accident, determining who is responsible is essential in filing a successful truck accident claim. However, even if fault can be established, the legal doctrine of strict liability can affect the outcome of a truck accident injury claim.

This article briefly guides strict liability and its impact on Nevada truck accident injury claims. It includes who may be held liable, how to prove liability, and what to do if the accident was partially your fault.

What is Strict Liability?

Strict liability holds an individual or entity responsible for damages, irrespective of whether they were negligent or intended to cause harm. In other words, under strict liability, if an individual or entity is responsible for an accident, they are liable for the damages, regardless of whether they acted negligently.

How Does Strict Liability Apply to Nevada Truck Accident Injury Claims?

In Nevada, strict liability applies in certain situations, such as when a manufacturer or seller of a product produces a defective product that causes injury or harm. It can be relevant in truck accidents, where a defective truck part, such as brakes or tires, caused the accident.

Additionally, strict liability can also apply in cases where the trucking company violates federal safety regulations. For instance, if a trucking company forces its drivers to work beyond the legally permitted hours of service, and an accident occurs; as a result, the company can be held strictly liable for any damages caused.

Impact on Nevada Truck Accident Injury Claims

Strict liability can significantly impact the outcome of a truck accident injury claim, mainly if a truck part or the trucking company is found to be strictly liable. In this case, the plaintiff does not need to prove the defendant’s negligence, making a claim much more straightforward.

However, it is worth noting that strict liability does not always apply in truck accident injury claims. In most cases, the plaintiff must prove negligence on the defendant’s part to establish liability. It can be challenging, mainly when dealing with trucking companies and their insurers, who often have experienced legal teams dedicated to minimizing payouts.

Therefore, if you have suffered injuries in a truck accident in Nevada, having an experienced truck accident attorney on your side is crucial. A skilled attorney can investigate the accident, gather evidence, and establish fault, whether strictly liability or negligence. With an experienced attorney, you can improve your odds of receiving fair compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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