How Do Truck Accident Claims Work In Nevada?

The worst injuries occur in collisions involving commercial vehicles. When you’re suffering and cannot work, like most people, you get concerned about how you will cover your mounting medical debt.

Under Nevada’s injury law, anyone injured in truck accidents in Las Vegas can claim damages for their losses. The idea is to ensure that the right party, or parties at fault, are held accountable for their carelessness.

However, determining responsibility in a truck accident is far more challenging than in a typical car accident. Most car accidents involve another driver besides you. In contrast, several parties, not just the trucker, may be responsible for a truck accident claim in a tractor-trailer accident.

So, how do truck accident claims work in Nevada?

Everything you need to know about Nevada’s rules governing truck accident claims will be covered in this article.

Who Is Responsible For a Truck Accident in Nevada?

Many parties may be at fault for a truck accident. People frequently assume that the person driving the truck is at fault, but in reality, the negligent party may be someone you have never met.

For instance, if an incorrectly loaded semi-truck was to blame for the truck accident, the cargo-loading business may be held liable if the vehicle turned over after becoming unbalanced. Your truck accident may have been caused by a faulty component, in which case the equipment’s manufacturer or designer may be held accountable.

Among those who could be held accountable for truck accidents in Nevada are:

  • The driver of the truck
  • The owner of the truck
  • The trucking company
  • Contractors
  • The truck maintenance provider
  • The cargo loader
  • A third party
  • The freight forwarding company
  • Other drivers

For legal advice for an injury suffered in a truck accident, get in touch with the truck accident attorney at the Bourassa Law Group. Avoid engaging in settlement negotiations or accepting insurance company settlements because you will likely receive only some of the compensation you are entitled to.

What If The Truck Accident in Nevada Is Partially Your Fault?

Nevada is a fault jurisdiction, so even if the truck accident that led to your injuries was partially your responsibility, you could still be compensated financially for your losses. According to Nevada’s “modified comparative negligence legislation,” a plaintiff may be eligible to receive a portion of their damages if their guilt is lower than that of the defendant.

One of the most challenging parts of any truck accident case is figuring out who is at fault. The insurance provider for the trucking firm will make every effort to place the responsibility on you and anybody else involved, which could ultimately result in a reduction or elimination of your payout.

How Can You Prove Liability in a Truck Accident in Nevada?

You must thoroughly investigate and gather evidence to back up your damage claim. Ensure you have a skilled legal team that can fulfill the expectations and support your arguments because the trucking company’s corporate lawyers will present a fierce defense.

You’ll need a defense attorney willing to go above and beyond to support your claim for compensation since the truck company’s influential corporate lawyers are likely to challenge you vigorously.

The attorneys at the Bourassa Law Group have a wealth of knowledge in navigating the challenges associated with truck accidents in Nevada. We are committed to offering top-notch legal representation to assist you in getting the monetary compensation you are due since we know the devastation and uncertainty that can follow a truck accident. Call us at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation!

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