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How Bobtail Trucks Put Nevada Drivers at Risk?

Truck drivers tend to lose control despite being well-trained and strict rules governing this sector, putting other vehicles at risk. And when it’s a bobtail truck, the risks are even higher. A bobtail truck is a large truck without its trailer. When you see a truck with no trailer, it’s said to be in bobtailing mode. These semi-trucks are either on their way to pick up a trailer or have just dropped one off.

Most drivers think driving is safer when they see a semi-truck on the road. The first thought that comes to mind is that it’s lighter, not loaded. However, this is not the case, and we’ll tell you why.

Here’s an explanation of how bobtail trucks put Nevada drivers at risk:

How Bobtail Trucks Put Nevada Drivers at Risk

A Bobtail Truck is Difficult to Slow Down

It is incredibly difficult to maneuver and slow down a semi-truck without a trailer. The top reason is the uneven distribution of the weight. Talk to a truck driver, and they will tell you how difficult it is to control a truck without a trailer.

Here’s the science behind this:

The truck’s rear axle does not have enough stopping power in bobtailing mode since it depends on the weight. In semi-trucks, the weight is not distributed properly, which often causes truck drivers to lose control.

The rear wheels of a large truck are designed to brake while the front ones steer. In a bobtail truck, most of the weight is in the front, making it difficult to slow down. If such a truck tries to stop suddenly, the vehicle struggles. Since there’s no weight on the brakes, an emergency maneuver often results in skidding, sliding, and crashing into other vehicles.

Difficulty driving a bobtail is not a matter of experience or training. Even the most expert truck drivers find bobtailing difficult.

Semi-Truck Accidents are Deadlier

Although large vehicles cause fewer accidents than cars and other vehicles (only 5% of the overall accidents) in the US, semi-truck accidents are mostly deadlier, resulting in fatalities and catastrophic injuries.

Under federal regulation, semi-trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and be 8’6″ wide and 13’6″ tall. In contrast, an average passenger vehicle weighs up to 4,156 pounds. This indicates the danger semi-trucks pose on roads and interstate highways. Their collisions with a single-passenger vehicle can cause tremendous damage and injuries.

Despite the high risks associated, it is legal for semi-truck to travel without trailers since it is the only way freight companies can operate. Of course, trucks have to move to and from different places for deliveries.   

Braking is More Difficult When the Weather is Rough

In a bobtail truck, braking is more difficult if the roads are wet or slippery. In Nevada, uncommon rainstorms turn roads slick in a few minutes and increase the risks of driving. Not to mention the high winds that are not unusual in the state. In fact, strong wind is the most common concern in Las Vegas, according to experts, and extreme caution must be taken when driving.

Other Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

  • Most of the time, other drivers on the road do not realize the difficulties a bobtail truck driver faces. They assume a truck without a trailer is lighter, agile, and less dangerous, and, therefore, they become less cautious when driving beside a bobtail truck.
  • Sometimes driver errors, such as speeding, not checking before changing lanes, and other mistakes, can result in semi-truck accidents.
  • Staying behind the wheel for hours,  demanding schedules, and little breaks cause fatigue, resulting in semi-truck drivers losing focus.
  • A semi-truck driver driving under the influence is more dangerous than any other vehicle on the road. Due to the size, force, and weight of semi-trucks, their drivers must be more vigilant and responsible.

What to Do in the Case of a Semi-Truck Accident in Nevada!

In Nevada, semi-trucks drive more miles than any other vehicle on the road and play a vital role in delivering and transporting goods. Thus, there’s a constant risk for Nevada drivers. While it’s natural to be disoriented after a semi-truck collision, the right reflexes can make a huge difference.

After calling 911 and seeking immediate medical attention, you must first contact a Nevada truck accident attorney after a semi-truck accident. The Bourassa Law Group has a skilled team of semi-truck accident and personal injury lawyers who have been providing top-notch personalized services to Nevada citizens. A bobtail truck accident can cause major damage and catastrophic injury. A skilled attorney well-versed in state laws and other insurance regulations can help you get the fairest compensation.

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