A Quick Guide to Swimming Pool Injury Lawsuits

Swimming pool injuries or drowning accidents can be traumatic for the victim and their loved ones. It can cause minor to severe injuries, resulting in a lasting need for medical care. If the accident was caused due to someone’s negligence, you might be able to recover damages for the injuries and losses sustained.

Understanding the swimming pool injury lawsuits can equip you with the knowledge of who can be held liable and ways to file a claim against the negligent party. Consulting a personal injury lawyer in Nevada ensures your rights are protected, and you recover the compensation you rightfully deserve for your injuries and losses.

Understanding Swimming Pool Injury Laws in Nevada

According to Nevada law, pool operators or owners have the responsibility to ensure the pool area and pool are hazard-free to prevent any injuries. Failing to take appropriate measures to keep the swimming pool and surrounding area clean and safe can result in a liability claim for the owners and operators.

Some of the common reasons for swimming pool injuries include:

  • Broken or open gates
  • Cracked pavement
  • Defective diving boards
  • Defective drain covers
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Lifeguard negligence
  • Little to no supervision
  • Loose or broken tiles
  • Sharp edges in the pool
  • Slippery surfaces

Consulting a skilled and licensed personal injury lawyer can help in ensuring you have a strong case to recover the compensation you deserve.

Who can be Held Liable for Swimming Pool Injuries and Accidents?

Under Nevada law, the homeowners and business owners of the property with the swimming pool can be held accountable for any drownings or injuries that occur. Unsecured swimming pools are an “attractive nuisance” to kids under the premises liability law of Nevada. This indicates that the property owners and operators can be legally held responsible for any accidents, even if they haven’t given permission for the children to swim in the pool.

If the drowning or injury happened in a public swimming pool, like in a community pool or hotel pool, multiple parties could be held liable. These parties can include:

  • The lifeguard company
  • Swimming pool operators
  • Hotel management

The property owner has the duty of care to ensure the swimming pool and surrounding area are clean and safe for visitors. Any accident that occurs due to the lack of precautions taken by the owner or operator means they can be held accountable for the injuries.  

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer to Assist with Swimming Pool Injury Lawsuits

If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a swimming pool in Nevada, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim to recover damages. Consulting a personal injury lawyer ensures you have a strong case against the negligent party.

Personal injury claims are complex in Nevada since you have to prove the negligence of the defendant in order to receive compensation. The drowning and swimming pool accident lawyers at Bourassa Law Group thoroughly examine the accident, gather strong evidence, and fight the case on your behalf.

Our team ensures you get justice and recover appropriate financial compensation for your injuries and losses. Book your free case consultation today by calling (800)870-8910 or sending us a message.

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