A Quick Guide to Swimming Pool Slip and Fall Accidents and Deaths

Swimming pool slip and fall accidents and deaths are a cause for concern in the United States. Statistics indicate that ten people die each day as a result of unintentionally drowning in swimming pools. This is pretty tragic since it is a horrible way to go, which is hard on the victim’s families.

Since swimming pools are wet, it is common for people to get injured in a slip-and-fall accident. If the pool’s sidewalks are wet and people walk too quickly or don’t notice the wetness, they can get seriously injured. You might think that cautionary signs regarding wet floors are not needed near swimming pools. However, there are other things pool owners can do to prioritize people’s safety.

Let’s explore a quick guide to swimming pool slip-and-fall accidents and deaths.

Swimming Pool Negligence – What to Expect

Annual reports have made it clear that many people throughout America get injured in swimming pools due to the owner’s negligence. The law protects the people from economic and non-economic damages in slip and fall accidents, forcing the guilty party to take accountability.

However, Nevada laws are somewhat different than other states. The owner is not held responsible if a trespasser slips and falls in a swimming pool accident. This is detailed in the Senate Bill 160 to protect property owners from unnecessary litigious action if the trespasser had no business being present on the property.

Swimming pool negligence rules apply to public pools as well as business owners hosting pool parties on their premises. For example, if you’ve invited people over for a massive pool party that involves alcohol consumption, you need to take precautionary measures.

These must consider everyone’s safety to prevent any accidents from occurring. If someone injures themselves in a slip-and-fall accident at your pool party, you will be held responsible for their losses. You did not inform your staff to limit the number of people allowed in the pool and keep a watchful eye on the situation. If you do not consider others’ safety, you are considered negligent, which is something all business owners know.

Swimming Pool Injuries Caused by Slip-and-Fall Accidents – What Can You Do?

Business owners can face backlash from victims if a slip-and-fall accident occurs due to negligence. However, it may not be your entire responsibility to bear since the swimming pool manufacturer may have made an error. The property owner could make a case against the pool designers if the pool was inappropriately designed using slippery materials.

However, pool owners can be held responsible if they do not take appropriate safety measures for the public. For example, if they save money using low-quality diving boards or water slides, they can be liable for slip-and-fall accidents. The pool may also have poor drainage, which can pull swimmers underwater, potentially leading to death. So, swimming pool owners have a very serious responsibility to take their pool safety extremely safety since accidents are likely to occur.

As a pool owner, you can invest in the highest quality pool designs to ensure your public does not slip and fall on low-quality materials. You can prove your conscientiousness as long as you take reasonable measures to ensure your visitors’ safety.

However, if you’re serious about your business practices, you must go the extra mile to ensure maximum safety. Your vigilance reflects on your business and safeguards your finances against possible litigious action. If you proactively seek out any possible hazards and address them immediately, you will minimize accidents on your property.

Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Swimming Pool Slip-and-Fall Accidents

You should hire a competent attorney to fight your case if you’ve been involved in a swimming pool slip-and-fall accident. To win a slip-and-fall case, you need to prove that the property owner was negligent, which caused the accident. You need to work with a personal injury lawyer who thoroughly investigates your situation to attain a favorable outcome.

The Bourassa Law Group specializes in handling slip and fall accidents in Nevada. Its team of expert lawyers knows the intricacies of swimming pool accident cases, allowing them to build a strong case for your needs. Contact them at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation and receive fair compensation for your slip and fall accident.

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