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Can You Sue the Police for Wrongful Imprisonment?

People have woken up to the fact that police brutality exists, and law enforcement agents may wrongfully arrest or even imprison innocent civilians. This typically occurs when the police’s authority is challenged or if they are ‘power tripping.’

Although the police have many protocols in place to prevent wrongful imprisonment, it can still happen. Therefore, it is best to hire a competent lawyer if you are being wrongfully imprisoned for crimes you did not commit.

Let’s explore whether you can sue the police for wrongful imprisonment.

What Does Wrongful Imprisonment Mean?

Wrongfully arresting or imprisoning someone means they are not guilty of the crimes they are being accused of. Generally, police cannot arrest or detain individuals if they do not have evidence against them. But there are cases of police stepping outside their domain of authority and making their own rules against innocent civilians.

In cases like this, individuals can feel more at ease knowing they can file a lawsuit against any cases of police brutality. If you are arrested without a warrant, or they do not have evidence of you doing something wrong, you can hold them accountable for violating your personal rights.

Individuals are within their right to sue the police for wrongful imprisonment and unlawful arrests. However, they should hire competent lawyers to help them build a strong case.

Is it Possible to Sue the Police for Wrongful Imprisonment?

Anyone who has been wrongfully arrested or imprisoned can sue the police. If you have suffered discrimination of any kind, you can hold the police officer responsible for the arrest. Victims can also ask for financial compensation as well as complain directly to the local police department.

If your lawsuit is brought to court, you can expect the police officer to face punishments for their actions. These include suspension, removal, criminal charges, etc., depending on the severity of the crime.

A lawsuit can help you recover money that you’ve lost being wrongfully imprisoned by the police. The economic and non-economic damages can be pretty high, depending on the situation. Sometimes the offender is charged punitive damages as a penalty for their harmful actions, but the victim does not receive it for themselves.

These lawsuits are taken seriously since the police’s negligence can essentially ruin someone’s life. It can destroy their reputation, finances and diminish their quality of life. It can also cause emotional pain and suffering that is almost impossible to quantify.

Therefore, police need to be trained properly and given strict warnings for improper behaviors. One important thing that protects both civilians and police is body cameras, which are used to gather objective evidence.

Hire Bourassa Law Group to File a Lawsuit Against the Police

There has been a serious pushback against police brutality following the George Floyd incident a few years ago. Since then, the public has been untrusting of police authority and records themselves for evidence in police encounters.

Bourassa Law Group specializes in helping its clients build the strongest case possible by considering the details of each case. Clients can put faith in the company and its lawyers to adhere to the highest levels of professionalism. If you wish to file a lawsuit against the police, you should contact Bourassa at (800)870-9010 for a free consultation.

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