Do Nevada Bikers Need a Lawyer?

According to AccidentUSA, motorcycle accidents account for nearly 19% of all fatal traffic accidents in Nevada. Most of these accidents occur in urban areas, especially major cities like Las Vegas and Carson City. From minor fender benders to head-on collisions, blind-spot accidents, slips and falls, and DUIs, riders can sustain bodily and property damage in different ways.

However, to maximize protection, you need to do more than understanding the common causes of motorcycle accidents in Nevada and prevent them. You also need to proactively prepare for the aftermath of a crash by hiring an experienced Nevada motorcycle accident attorney.

Not sure how that will help?

Keep reading to learn four reasons Nevada riders should hire a lawyer and determine whether or not you need one.

Four Reasons Bikers in Nevada Should Hire a Lawyer

1. Negative Perception

According to ScienceDirect, there’s a negative perception surrounding motorcyclists. Most car and truck drivers think they’re at fault in most accidents, even if their carelessness or mistake caused the incident. Therefore, one of the most important reasons to hire a lawyer is to show the other party that you’re well aware of your rights and can take legal action if required.

2. Injury Assessment

Motorcycle accidents are generally more dangerous than car or truck accidents since motorcycles offer less protection. As a result, the most important thing to do following an accident is to get treatment, especially if you sustain catastrophic injuries, such as fractures or burns.

By hiring a Nevada motorcycle accident lawyer, you can focus on recovery. At the same time, they review your medical records to determine the long-term consequences of the injuries, including the costs of treatment and lifestyle changes. Using this information, they will prepare the base of your lawsuit.

3. Evidence Gathering and Proving Fault

If you plan to file a lawsuit, you’ll need to gather evidence to prove the other party’s fault in the accident. Motorcycle accident lawyers have the tools and resources to collect the necessary evidence to prove negligence or carelessness, such as police reports, footage, and witness testimonies. Moreover, they know all the tricks other lawyers use to reduce the settlement or pin the blame on the victims.

So, you need to be smart and let professionals specializing in Nevada motorcycle laws handle your case.

4. Assess Economic/Non-Economic Damages and Handle Negotiations

By working with an experienced lawyer, you can seek compensation for more than just your medical expenses. Lawyers can help you get compensation for missed wages due to your recovery, pain and suffering, anxiety, and other non-economic damages.

Even in straightforward cases where the fault is evident, insurance providers and the defendant’s lawyers try to play hardball and minimize the compensation. Experienced motorcycle accident attorneys fight for your best interests and can take your case to trial if needed.

Contact a Nevada Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Right Away!

Whether you’ve been in an accident or are looking to take proactive measures, hiring a Nevada motorcycle accident lawyer is wise. At Bourassa Law Group, we have highly skilled and experienced attorneys who can help you claim maximum compensation for economic and non-economic damages while you focus on your recovery.

So, contact us at 800-870-8910 and set up a free consultation to learn more about our legal services and discuss your case.

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