Four Common Road Hazards that Cause Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada

Motorcycle accidents are not always due to wrong turns, speeding, or crashing with another vehicle. Many times, they also occur because of problems on the road.

A number of motorcyclists suffer catastrophic injuries in Nevada every year due to road hazards. Being aware of them is one way to protect yourself. Let’s look at some common road dangers for motorcyclists in Nevada to help reduce the risk:

1. Potholes

While they make motorists (only) worry about their suspension system, potholes can throw off motorcyclists’ balance, causing them to crash. According to estimates, motorcyclists have about three times higher risk of a crash than motorists when riding over a pothole.

2. Debris

The apparently harmless debris, like smaller rocks, branches of trees, leaves, and garbage, can all be road hazards for motorcyclists and may cause them to slip and crash.

3. Slick Roads

Slippery roads reduce traction on motorcycle wheels, making the rider more prone to skidding and crashing. While you can meet an accident on a slick road even when riding straight, the risk increases multifold when taking a turn. Some of the things that can make the roads slippery include:

  • Oil leaks from other vehicles
  • Rain/water
  • Metallic road covers
  • Asphalt sealers that have been rubberized

4. Poor Road Conditions

Uneven roads, crumbling asphalt, and loose gravel are all significant risks for motorcycle accidents in Nevada (or anywhere, for that matter). Since motorcycles have only two wheels gripping the road, it’s easier to lose traction on rough surfaces.

How to Cope with Road Hazards when Riding a Motorcycle?

You cannot bring your risk of an accident to zero when riding a motorcycle, but you can certainly reduce it by learning to deal with common road hazards. The best approach for this is to exercise caution ad always be alert when riding a motorcycle. Look ahead to spot any road hazards and take the necessary measures to avoid getting into an accident.

Whether it’s a pothole, debris, a wet or uneven patch, or loose gravel, your first attempt should always be to avoid it. However, be very careful, as swerving suddenly can also make your bike lose grip and skid.

If avoiding the road hazard is not possible (it won’t always be), slow down and avoid any sudden actions when passing over or through it. Do not accelerate or brake immediately.

The Sum Up

It’s common knowledge that motorcycles are significantly less stable than four-wheeled motor vehicles. This makes them more susceptible to getting into accidents with road hazards that motorists will pass over/through without any risk. Learning about these hazards helps people ride with caution when conditions aren’t the best and can potentially help them avoid getting into accidents, too. However, sadly, you can never be at zero risk when on the road on a motorcycle.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident due to a road hazard, contact the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers in Nevada at The Bourassa Law Group to know your legal options. You may be entitled to compensation for your damages. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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