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How Denver Inclement Weather Accident Lawyers Investigate Complex Cases

Did you know that around 100 cars were involved in a car crash in Denver due to icy roads in 2022? Weather accidents are common in areas like Denver that get extreme winters and heavy snowfalls. Although most accidents occur due to extreme weather conditions and drivers’ lack of precautions, in some cases, the government entities responsible for road maintenance may be held liable for them.

Therefore, if you have been in an accident that you believe could have been avoided had the road been properly maintained or another driver had followed precautions, you must meet with a Denver inclement weather accident lawyer to file a claim against the parties liable. Although certain weather accident claims can be complex and difficult to achieve, Denver inclement weather accident lawyers have strategic methods of investigating these complex cases to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients. Let’s further shed light on how Denver injury lawyers investigate complex cases.

How Denver Inclement Weather Accident Lawyers Investigate Complex Cases

Below is a step-by-step breakdown of how Denver weather inclement accident lawyers investigate complex cases:

Step 1: Initial Evaluations

When a client in a weather-related accident calls the Denver injury lawyers, they begin conducting the initial evaluations by sending a team of investigators to the accident site. The investigators are equipped with experience and training and conduct in-depth evaluations of the accident site. They document any proof or valuable information through videos and images.

These visual documentations of proof can help investigators and lawyers work together to find valuable information that might be instrumental in creating a strong case against the individuals or entities liable for your accident.

For instance, images from the scene of an accident show that the roads are missing warning signs or barriers, and the Denver inclement weather accident lawyers may be able to build a compelling case against the entities responsible for placing warning signs and barriers on the roads.

Step 2: Collecting Surveillance Footage and Eyewitness Testimonies

After the accident site evaluations, the lawyers move on to the next phase of the investigation, where they leverage surveillance footage from roads and eyewitness testimonies to gather valuable insight into how the events of the accidents may have unfolded and who might be at fault.

Eyewitness testimonies from other drivers that might have been present on the site of the accident when the accident occurred can offer lawyers an unbiased perspective of what might have happened. They may offer valuable information like the driver’s speed and the condition of the road or the weather, which can help the lawyers determine who might have been liable for the accident.

Moreover, surveillance footage can also significantly contribute to a case, allowing lawyers to witness how the accident occurred and piece together the puzzles behind who should be liable for it.

Step 3: Studying the Police Report

Acquiring the police report can help lawyers gain further insight into details of the accident and determine factors like whether the other driver involved was intoxicated or speeding. The police report may also include details on whether the other parties involved in the accident were affiliated with a company. If so, the lawyers can also file a claim against the company. This can empower them to secure even greater compensation for the losses, especially if the injuries sustained by their client were severe.

Step 4: Acquiring Medical Records and Other Data

Getting their hands on documents like medical records can also supplement lawyers in building a compelling argument in favor of their clients. Medical records contain detailed information on the injuries sustained and the hospital bills. This data allows the lawyers to ensure they ask for a claim that covers all your medical bills and other expenses you might have incurred due to the accident.

Moreover, lawyers may also acquire data on vehicle repair expenses. This data can offer valuable information on the extent of damage your vehicle sustained. They can then use this data to compare the extent of damage on the other vehicle involved and argue that the damage on your vehicle was more significant.

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