How to Stay Calm After A Motorcycle Accident

Nevada Department of Public Safety and Transportation claims that 20% of accidents in Nevada involve motorcyclists. Motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than most vehicular accidents since they’re more likely to result in catastrophic injuries or even death. The good news is that most accidents aren’t serious and often result in minor injuries and damages. However, they can be costly and stressful.

Therefore, learning how to handle yourself and take the right steps, such as calling the emergency services and a Nevada motorcycle accident lawyer. If you’ve ever been in an accident, you probably know it’s not that simple when emotions are high, and your adrenaline is pumping.

So, the first thing you need to do is learn how to stay calm after a motorcycle accident in Nevada, which is what we’ll help you do in this post.

Why You Must Remain Calm After A Motorcycle Accident

Regardless of the type of accident you’re in, your heart rate and adrenaline levels will spike, possibly resulting in a dangerous reaction or situation, such as a physical confrontation with drivers. Moreover, the trauma caused by the impact or injuries also interferes with your perceptions and decision-making skills.

By learning to stay calm after a motorcycle accident, you can think rationally and take a more careful course of action. For instance, you can inform the authorities of a medical checkup and a detailed report of the incident. You can also call a motorcycle accident attorney to file an accident claim for damage compensation.

What You Need to Do to Remain Calm After A Motorcycle Accident in Nevada

Below are three steps you can follow to stay calm after a motorcycle accident. Remember, to act quickly, you must often learn to slow down first:

1. Step Away From Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles don’t provide the same cage of protection vehicles do. So, you first need to step away from your motorcycle and maintain a safe distance, especially if the accident occurs in the middle of the road. For instance, you can head to the sidewalk. However, don’t go too far from the scene.

By doing so, you can better process the situation and avoid any confrontation. You can also assess any injuries and ask for assistance from others.

2. Breathe Deeply

Next, you need to focus on breathing to slow down your heart rate. Try to breathe slowly through your mouth and exhale through your nose for a few minutes. Don’t let others guide your actions. Take your time to relax all your muscles and minimize stress. You can also massage different pressure points on your wrists, knees, forehead, etc., for a few minutes while taking deep breaths.

3. Focus on Now

It’s only natural to think about repairs, the insurance process, and other hassles associated with motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, this will only add to the stress and tension. So, at that moment, limit your focus to the next few minutes and take everything one at a time.

Protect Your Rights After A Motorcycle Accident in Nevada

There’s always been a negative misconception surrounding motorcyclists, especially in Las Vegas and other cities in Nevada. Most drivers assume they’re at fault after an accident since motorcyclists are considered reckless, inconsiderate, and dangerous. Therefore, you must do your due diligence and protect your rights by contacting an experienced Nevada motorcycle accident lawyer immediately.

The Bourassa Law Group has the expertise, experience, and resources to help you seek maximum compensation following a motorcycle accident in Nevada. Call us at (800) 870-8910 for a free consultation.

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