Premise Liability In Las Vegas: Where It Begins and Where It Ends

Accidents and injuries that occur on someone’s property can hold a negligent party legally responsible for damages caused to property or people. However, the individuals directly involved aren’t the negligent parties, meaning that they couldn’t have been expected to prevent the accident. Instead, in the case of premise liability, the property owner or operator is liable.

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So what makes them responsible?

Unsafe Environment

If the building maintenance is overdue and materials and structures have worn to the extent of becoming dangerous, then the owner or operator of the property may be responsible. As the person in charge, they can’t argue that they were unaware of the problem because they’re obligated to be. If a floor has had a broken floor tile for quite some time and it causes a slip and fall, lawyers can build a general or premise liability case.

On the other hand, if potential hazards are dealt with as soon as possible, or if they’re marked with visible signs and individuals are made aware of them, then the owner or operator may may have a defense. This could apply to fire hazards, electrical hazards, and improper building security as well.

Comparative Negligence — When The Individual Is At Fault

Even with premise liability, the individual is still expected to practice reasonable care to keep themselves safe from accidents. In most cases, the owner or occupier might argue that the injury was caused on their property but that the injured party was at fault. In some cases, it’s determined that both parties share the blame.

If it’s ruled that the employee is more than 50% responsible, then the individual cannot recover for their injuries. However, if the injured party’s responsibility is less than half, they might still recover, although a portion will be subtracted from the total amount.

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