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Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident in Nevada

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. You can be at work, mall, grocery store, hotel, casino, or home. And they can happen for a variety of reasons. You may not have the option to do anything beyond seeking medical treatment in all cases, but when slip and fall accidents occur due to someone else’s negligence or willful misconduct in Nevada, you can file a claim. But you must act smart, do the right things following the incident, and hire an experienced slip-and-fall lawyer in Nevada to build a strong case. In this post, we are going to help you with just that.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Nevada?

Here are the steps you should take if you wish to file a liability claim for your slip and fall accident in Las Vegas (or anywhere in Nevada, for that matter) and get a fair recovery for your damages and losses:

● Call for Medical Help

Immediate medical attention is vital not only to ensure your safety and wellness but also to build your case. Medical evaluation is essential for documenting your injuries and creating irrefutable proof for them. It also establishes the timeline for your injuries, ensuring the defense cannot dismiss them as unrelated to the accident. It’s a common defense practice to assert that the injuries were caused by some other incident, not the slip and fall accident, for which the plaintiff demands liability.

● Gather Evidence While Medical Help Arrives

Unless the slip and fall accident has caused serious injuries, gather as much evidence of the accident as possible. Inspect the scene to identify the cause of the accident. Take pictures of the scene. This will help establish negligence or misconduct in your slip and fall liability claim.

If you’re with someone, you can also ask them to collect proof for you.

Leaving the accident spot without collecting evidence will allow the property owner to remove evidence and fix the condition that caused the fall before official inspection. Therefore, you must try your best to take photographs of the scene right after to build a strong premises liability claim.

● See Who Saw You Falling

It’s best to have witnesses who can confirm your account of the accident and back your claim. So, look around for people who may have seen you falling or tripping. If they are strangers, get their names and contact numbers. Otherwise (such as in case of slip and fall accidents at work), simply take note of who witnessed the accident so you can contact them later for testimony.

● File an Official Report

If the accident occurred on a commercial property, such as an office or a shopping mall, the management may tell you that you can file an official complaint. Do it. File the complaint so the accident comes on record of the business, and they cannot deny it or its severity later because you refuse to file the report, indicating that it wasn’t a serious accident.

● Do Not Give a Statement

The insurance company of the property owner where the incident happened may try to convince you to give a recorded statement. Don’t do it. You have the right to refuse!

Do not give a recorded statement until you have a lawyer by your side. The opponent’s insurance company may trick you into saying things they may later use to refute your slip and fall claim or reduce the liability benefits.

You should also limit your communication with the property owner or manager. Don’t argue or engage in a debate. Stay calm and do the work required to establish a strong liability claim.

● Hire a Nevada Slip and Fall Attorney

Get in touch with an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Nevada at your earliest to know your legal options and take action. Hiring a lawyer immediately reduces the chances of losing critical evidence and puts you in a better position to build a strong liability claim. The attorney will also handle communication with insurance companies.

Contact Us to Hire an Experienced Slip and Fall Lawyer in Nevada

We at The Bourassa Law Group have a dedicated team of lawyers experienced in dealing with slip-and-fall cases in Nevada. We can evaluate your case for free and can also help you file a lawsuit and secure rightful compensation for your damages.

Having been in the industry for an extensive period, we have dealt with all types of slip-and-fall cases. Our Las Vegas slip and fall lawyer can work with you through personal injury claims, premises liability lawsuits, and accidents caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct. Call us at 1-800-870-8910 today for a free slip and fall case evaluation in Nevada.

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