The Most Common Types of Bike Accidents in Nevada

Unlike car or truck accidents, cyclists have no proper protection from the full momentum of cars that may strike them when least expected. Due to this vulnerability, even bicycle accidents that occur with cars at low-speed have a high impact resulting in severe injuries and fatalities. As cyclists are thrown off their rides, they often hit pavements or land on their heads, resulting in severe brain and head injuries. Other injuries bicyclists may suffer spinal injuries, joint dislocation, bone fractures, and nerve damage.

The Most Common Types of Bike Accidents in Nevada

Some of the most common types of bicycle accidents in Nevada are:

Cars Making Right Turns

Often automobile drivers don’t check the bicycle lanes before turning at intersections. So, when they turn right, the cyclists are caught off-guard, which causes them to collide with the vehicle. The accident results in serious injuries. In such a situation, the cyclist can file a bicycle accident lawsuit against the driver for their negligent actions.

Cars Making Left-Hand Turns

Sometimes bicyclists are struck on the roads by cars turning on the left hand. Such accidents usually occur when bicyclists are traveling in the direction opposite the car. Hence, the vehicle driver passes to the left lane and fails to see the oncoming bicycle in their direction. In these instances, bicyclists get injured, experiencing head-on injuries.

Rear-end Collisions

Like multi-vehicle collisions, bicyclists get rear-ended by automobiles. It most often happens if the automobile driver gets distracted. It is a common occurrence, especially when the driver gets distracted by other activities like adjusting radio signals, texting, eating, or talking on the phone instead of focusing on the road.

Get Hit By Car Door

Opening the parked car doors without checking for bicycles is one of Nevada’s most common types of bike accidents. Dooring is often the term used to describe this type of unfortunate collision. It usually occurs when a cyclist travels down the roadway while the car driver or passenger opens the door of the parked vehicle directly into the bicycle lane. Hence, the bicyclist collides with the door and is thrown over the handlebar -sustaining severe injuries.

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