The Most Common Types of Fireworks Injuries You Can Seek Compensation For

Fireworks are among the most entertaining American traditions, especially when celebrating the Fourth of July. However, as fun as sparklers, firecrackers, fountains, and rockets can be, they’re extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injuries. According to the US Department of Consumer Product Safety Commission, the estimated rate of ER-treated fireworks injuries is 3.5 per 100,000 individuals.

In many cases, these injuries aren’t self-inflicted. Instead, they’re caused by another party by accident or negligence.

In either case, you can sue them for your personal injuries and seek financial compensation for bills and other damages. However, you’ll need a capable personal injury lawyer to understand the severity of your injuries so they can calculate your injury claim accordingly.

In this post, we’ll talk about the most common types of injuries you can seek compensation for in Nevada:

Four Common Types of Personal Injuries Caused by Fireworks

1. Hand Burns

Burned fingers or hands are the most recurring types of fireworks injuries. In most cases, these injuries are minor and only cause pain for a few hours to a few days. However, serious second-degree burns can cause blisters and swelling in the skin, requiring emergency treatment and medication that can last for days or weeks.

2. Eye Injuries

The human eye is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable organs. Firework injuries caused by dangerous particles exploding and flying through the air can enter your eyes, resulting in minor and major burns and even a complete loss of vision. Plus, there’s no way to apply first aid for these injuries. You have to head to a hospital immediately.

3. Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is another common injury you can sustain due to the loud noise emitted from fireworks. While small crackers and sparklers are barely harmful to your ears, bigger explosives, like rockets, poppers, Roman candles, and dum bums, can cause short-term and long-term damage due to noise levels exceeding 85 decibels.

Ear damage can be excruciatingly painful. So, you’ll most likely have to see an ENT for treatment. Many people have even lost their hearing due to loud fireworks.

4. Facial Injuries

Some fireworks can cause serious injuries, including broken bones, burns, and loss of facial tissue. These injuries typically occur near the fireworks or through direct contact from a distance. In either case, serious facial injuries can lead to permanent scarring and thousands of dollars in cosmetic repairs.

Contact a Nevada Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away for Your Fireworks Injuries

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