Top Tips for Riding a Bike in Las Vegas

The bicycle has become one of the most preferred modes of transportation in Las Vegas because of its convenience and sustainability. However, this increase in use is accompanied by increased bicycle accidents. Following some simple bicycle riding tips can keep you safe while circulating on the Las Vegas roads.

If you’re a cyclist looking for information on traffic laws, accident prevention, and where to seek legal assistance if you have been a victim of personal injury due to bicycle accidents, you are in the right place. As experts in personal injury law, we have compiled a list of tips for riding a bike in Las Vegas.

Tips to Stay Safe and Active on a Bike in Las Vegas

Carrying a bicycle to reach your destination through the streets of Nevada is a good decision. It is not only healthy but environmentally conscious. Not to mention the gas savings you’ll see on your monthly bills.

Here are some safety tips to make your bike ride safe:

  1. Use the correct helmet size, especially for children and adolescents.
  2. Do the proper maintenance of your bike.
  3. Check the brakes on your bike and the children’s.
  4. Adjust the seat to the correct size for your height.
  5. Change the fabric cushions and chin rest if your helmet is not in good condition.

Traffic Signs Cyclists Must Look For in Las Vegas

If you’re a cyclist in Nevada, there are many road signs to memorize and understand to stay safe on your trip.

  • Raising your right hand indicates that you are going to turn right
  • Raising your left-hand shows that you are going to turn left
  • Putting your left arm down with the hand palm facing back shows that you are going to stop

On the other hand, the signs on the Nevada posts will indicate several situations if you are a cyclist, for example, if a hill is coming down, a detour is coming, etc.

Remember that even though you follow all the rules to the letter as a cyclist, drivers often make fatal mistakes for many reasons, resulting in catastrophic injuries. Stay safe at all times!

Reflective Vests and Preventions

Nevada law states that all vehicles must follow the following traffic laws regarding lighting. Lights should be turned on:

  • 30-60 minutes after sunset and before sunrise
  • In any situation where the light is not favorable due to weather or any other reason
  • When a traffic officer indicates it

These laws apply to highways and streets. Therefore, bicycles must also respect and obey the rules like cars, trucks, and motorcycles to avoid fatal accidents.

Vests for Cyclists

Especially for bicyclists who ride at night, there are recommendations to keep adults and children safe, according to Nevada DMV. These include:

  • Wear reflective safety vests
  • Wear a helmet with exact lights to measure
  • Reflective accessories that are properly visible at least 600 feet away for car lights or a headlamp visible at least 500 feet away

As for children, they need special attention if you are going out at night to ride a bike. You may be following the instructions, but other drivers may not see them and cause an accident.

Emergency Numbers to Contact In Case of a Bicycle Accident

If you find yourself in a bicycle accident, the first thing you should do is call the emergency numbers in Nevada.

  • 911
  • Nevada State Police *647

Don’t wait to make the emergency call. A bicycle accident can be very serious, and you have seconds or minutes to react. Similarly, talk to an expert personal injury attorney immediately to make the negligent party pay for your damage.

With all this being said, Nevada cyclists must obey traffic laws and respect the roads to take advantage of all the benefits cycling can bring. A bicycle accident can be fatal or cause severe damage.

One way to enjoy cycling across Las Vegas is to join a group of cyclists with organized schedules, trips, and routes. Riding in a group reduces the risk of accidents, as it is easier for drivers to see large groups of cyclists.

However, the negligence of other drivers gets out of everyone’s hands. Be aware of the traffic on your routes, and do not leave your life in the hands of negligent drivers.

Need an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer for a Bicycle Accident?

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Negligent drivers are responsible for respecting cyclists in Nevada. At the Bourassa Law Group, our personal injury attorneys are familiar with these cases and know the best strategies and tactics to fight for you.

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