What to Do If Your Bike Is Damaged or Destroyed After an Accident

If you’re involved in a serious bicycle accident, it is likely that your bike will be damaged or destroyed. You may have suffered serious financial consequences as a result of your personal injuries and property damage.

Many bicycle injury lawyers do not know the details of bicycle damage. For example, the carbon frame may need to be replaced even if the bicycle seems fine, which is a safety requirement.

Let’s explore what to do if your bike is damaged or destroyed after an accident.

Find a Bicycle Injury Lawyer for Your Accident

Bicycle accidents are pretty common in America. Sometimes they are fatal, while other times they lead to minor injuries. Finding a bicycle injury lawyer for your accident helps you build a strong case that leads to fair compensation for your woes.

However, you must research the best options in your city since many mediocre lawyers offer poor services. When you find an experienced attorney, they will tell you what you need to do following your bicycle accident.

Many cyclists make the mistake of fixing their bicycles straight after the accident. However, your bicycle and safety equipment are part of the evidence needed to win your case. If your bike has been wrecked or demolished, it can be presented as evidence in a court of law. This forms a part of the crash report your lawyer will likely prepare.

Gathering objective evidence through pictures and videos is part of your lawyer’s job. The cyclist will receive the highest compensation possible if they can prove how the crash occurred and how it was not the victim’s fault. But they must follow their lawyer’s instructions properly to maximize their chances of winning fair compensation.

Steps to Take if Your Bike Is Damaged or Destroyed After an Accident

  • Go to the hospital. If your bike has been damaged or destroyed, you have likely been injured in the accident. This means your priority is to get to the hospital and get your injuries evaluated by a doctor.
  • Make an accident report. Although you can rely on CCTV cameras for video details of the accident, you should document the accident yourself. If you are not too injured, you can take pictures of the scene of the accident. You should also take pictures of your property damage and swap contact details with any witnesses. This can be used by your lawyer to build your case and help you receive compensation for your losses.
  • Check the police report. Following an accident, the police will be called to the scene. They will make a police report after conducting their own investigation, and you should ask for a copy. The report will become a part of your investigation and can be used as evidence against the guilty party.
  • Repair any damages to your bicycle. After you’ve taken pictures of the damaged or destroyed bicycle, it is okay to get it fixed. If you win the case, you will receive compensation for your losses. So, you can safely spend money on your bicycle to get it repaired since your case will likely take some time.
  • Record all expenses. If you’re looking to win your case and get fair compensation, you need to record all of your expenses. These include property damage and personal injury costs, which come out of your own pocket. Additionally, you may be paid extra for your suffering if you are involved in a catastrophic accident. Your lawyer will advise you of the best route to take, depending on your circumstances.
  • Reach out to your insurance company. When you are injured and your property is damaged in an accident, contact your insurance company straight away. This helps you prepare a claim to receive compensation for your losses when necessary. However, handle this as soon as possible since the accident details can get skewed the longer you take to inform the relevant authorities.
  • Contact a lawyer. Some people contact a lawyer as soon as they are involved in an accident. Others contact one after following the basic steps they need to take after an accident. Either way, your lawyer will guide you through the process and help you build a strong case for your accident.

Hire Bourassa Law Group for Bicycle Accidents

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident and do not know what to do, you should hire a competent bicycle accident attorney. They will evaluate your case and tell you what you need to do following your accident.

Bourassa Law Group has a team of dedicated bicycle accident attorneys who specialize in winning cases for their clients. Contact them for a free consultation at (800)870-8910.

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