When Should You Hire an Elder Law Attorney in Nevada?

With increasing age, the burden of estate planning and financial planning increases to have a secure senior life. Plus, things like advanced directives, healthcare, long-term care, inheritance wishes, Medicare and Medicaid applications, etc., add to the stress. An elder law attorney specializes in all these areas and provides legal assistance to individuals and families with their estate planning, Medicare and Medicaid coverage, long-term care planning, and much more.

If you’re in Nevada and need legal assistance in any of the above areas, this article is for you. Find out when you should hire a Nevada elder law attorney.

When Should You Hire an Elder Law Attorney in Nevada?

If you’re facing complex financial issues or legal complications in your long-term care planning, seeking an elder law attorney may be the best option. Hiring an elder law attorney helps you plan your estate per your wishes, get better care, save money and time, and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Elder Law Attorneys can help you with the basic administrative tasks and asset spending, but their focus is more on the legal aspects of long-term estate planning and Medicaid. They often work with Medicaid-certified planners to handle all legal issues and make the process seamless for their clients.

Here’s when you need an elder law attorney:

Estate Planning

Whether it’s about creating a will, a trust, or any probate-related issues, you can consult an elder law attorney to ensure your accumulated wealth is distributed according to your wishes when you’re not there.

With an attorney’s assistance, you can overcome tax implications, make difficult decisions, and structure your assets best to protect your family’s wealth.

Long-Term Care Planning

Long-term care is critical to the well-being of many seniors in the US, but it is also expensive at the same time. The sooner you start long-term care planning, the easier the process gets. An experienced elder law attorney can structure your finances in the best way so you can pay for your long-term care easily.

Qualifying for Medicaid

Have someone told you that you don’t qualify for Medicaid? Don’t worry. Talk to an elder law attorney to determine your eligibility for Medicaid and benefit from the best plan and a stress-free process. An attorney specializing in elder law can help you qualify for Medicaid even with retaining enough of your assets and income.

Here’s a checklist of when you will need an elder law attorney, regardless of your age:

  • For estate planning
  • To handle complex heritage
  • To decide on the use of a trust
  • For qualifying for Medicaid
  • To create a will
  • To protect your assets
  • Planning for disability

Why Hire a Nevada Elder Law Attorney

Before hiring an elder law attorney, you must undertake geographical considerations. If you’re in Nevada, you must hire a local attorney who is well-versed in Nevada law about estate planning and have a thorough understanding of the state’s Medicaid laws.

A Nevada elder law attorney understands the state’s Medicaid rules and will complete the paperwork for Medicaid application quickly.

Need a Nevada Elder Law Attorney!

If you need legal help with planning your estate or long-term care, contact The Bourassa Law Group, a leading Nevada law firm with an expert team of attorneys specializing in the state’s elder law. From qualifying for Medicaid and structuring your assets to creating a will and trust, our specialized attorneys will make the process seamless.

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