Who Can You Sue Following a Submersion Incident in a Swimming Pool?

In the United States, some 3,500 people drown annually, and many kids and many more experience significant, irreparable injuries due to near-drowning occurrences. Among infants and young children (one to four years old) and all kids (one to 14 years old), drowning ranks second in unintentional fatality causes, only behind auto accidents.

Nothing is more gruesome or tragic than losing a loved one in a drowning incident in a swimming pool. When that tragedy is the consequence of someone else’s negligence, it is even more complex and complicated. When something tragic like this happens to us, it has terrible mental and emotional effects.

According to Nevada law, landlords and business owners are responsible for incidents and drownings on their premises. Unsecured pools are seen as an “enticing nuisance” for kids. Therefore owners are liable for tragedies in an unenclosed pool, even if they did not authorize the child to use it.

It can often be more complicated than necessary to bring the guilty party to justice. You do not have to act alone in response to this request for accountability. Once you’ve decided to seek compensation and take the issue to court, a lawyer will assist you in holding the decision-makers responsible for their actions.

In this article, we will address the most common queries concerning Nevada swimming pool injury legislation to help determine who you can sue following a submersion incident in a swimming pool.

Who Is Responsible For Swimming Pool Drownings in Nevada?

According to pool owners or managers, the pool and the surrounding area must be free of any dangers that could result in significant injury. Among the potential causes of swimming pool injuries are:

  • Supervision issues, particularly at pool parties
  • Careless pool maintenance
  • Broken pavement
  • Greasy surfaces
  • Unstable tiles
  • Damaged drain covers that caught suction
  • Insufficient illumination
  • Damaged diving boards
  • Sharp edges in the pool

Even if the accident happened at home, you could be entitled to damages under Nevada’s products liability rules if caused by defective equipment (like a life preserver).

Other swimmers can be responsible for certain swimming pool mishaps, especially if drunk or engaged in a dispute. Examples include:

  • Shoving the person into the pool.
  • Resulting in a head injury.
  • Holding the sufferer underwater for an excessive amount of time.

Victims in these situations might have a case for battery against the responsible party. In addition, the victim’s relatives could bring a wrongful death claim if they passed away.

How a Nevada Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Based on Nevada drowning accident legislation, a skilled Nevada swimming pool accident attorney can assist you in obtaining financial compensation for medical expenses and other costs. They can make a strong case for culpability and assist you in determining who should pay you compensation.

You might be reluctant to file a personal injury claim when an accident takes place at a friend’s house. You can avoid stress by having a lawyer take care of the calls.

Multiple parties may be held potentially accountable if the tragedy took place in a public area (like a hotel swimming pool).

Negotiating with insurance agents and other parties whose only intention is to persuade you to give up or accept less than your claim is worth can be easier by hiring an accident lawyer with experience.

Have any pool accidents in Nevada left you, or a loved one hurt? Determine if someone else is responsible for your losses and whether you are owed compensation with the assistance of our Nevada personal injury and liability attorneys. Call us at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation!  

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