Winter Sports Injuries in Denver: Legal Recourse and Ski Resort Liability

Winters include fun activities like snowboarding and mandatory trips to the ski resort. However, sometimes, ski resort adventures can result in catastrophic injuries. There can be several reasons behind such unfortunate events. In most cases, the elements like snow, gravity, and uneven landscaping can be to blame for the accidents. However, in certain cases, an accident may occur due to the negligence of a ski resort and its employee. In such scenarios, the injured can hold the ski resort liable for their losses. We turned to a Denver inclement weather accident lawyer for more information.

Causes of Injuries for Which a Ski Resort Can Be Held Liable

Below are a few common causes of injuries which a ski resort could be held liable for:

Faulty Equipment

Ski resorts usually give away different types of ski equipment to visitors, including skis, snowboards, ski poles, helmets, avalanche safety equipment, bindings, etc. This equipment allows ski lovers a fulfilling skiing experience while keeping them safe. However, if it is not maintained, it can quickly become faulty and lead to severe injuries. For example, a defective helmet may be unable to protect an individual’s head in case of falls causing them to suffer severe head injuries. In cases the ski resort and its employees may be held liable for the damages caused to the individual due to negligence and lack of maintenance of their ski equipment.

Improper Markings on Trails

Ski resorts get all levels of skiers, from beginners to experts. The resort’s job is to ensure all skiers know the areas they can maneuver into safely through markings. However, if the resort lacks sufficient markings, it can result in beginner-level skiers maneuvering into expert-level areas, leading to severe accidents and injuries. Since the ski resort could have avoided this event, the injured person can hold the resort liable for their injuries.

Inadequate Emergency Response Measures

Accidents and falls are common occurrences at ski resorts. Therefore, all ski resorts must have proper emergency protocols to handle any emergency efficiently and provide medical aid to people who might have been hurt in a ski accident. If a ski resort cannot provide immediate medical assistance to a guest who may have sustained injuries, they could be held liable for the delayed response.

Inadequate Warning Signs

Most ski locations are dangerous since they usually come accompanied by rocky mountains and steep slopes, which can lead to dangerous accidents. This makes it important for ski resorts to meticulously plan the placement of warning signs and barriers to ensure skiers and snowboarders don’t maneuver into dangerous areas. Therefore, if a skiing accident occurs due to the ski resort’s inability to place warning signs in appropriate locations or lack of maintenance of the signs and barriers, the individuals who sustained injuries can hold the ski resort liable for their damages.

Faulty Machinery

Ski resorts must prioritize maintenance and inspections of their heavy machinery like ski gondolas. Furthermore, before recruiting any staff member, they must conduct extensive training to teach them the best practices of operating the machinery and ensure they understand all safety protocols and the importance of following them. If a staff member lacks training or knowledge of the machinery, they may overlook maintenance requirements and signs of defect, leading to catastrophic accidents and skiers sustaining severe injuries. In such cases, the injured individual can file a claim against the ski resort for neglect and lack of training.

Common Injuries Sustained During Ski Accidents

Skiing can be dangerous since it requires maneuvering through rugged and uneven snowy terrain. Some of the most common injuries a person may sustain during ski accidents include:

  • Fractures (spine, wrists, arms, legs, head, neck)
  • Sprained ankles
  • Torn ligaments
  • Concussions
  • Immediate death
  • Internal injuries
  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Dislocations

Claiming Compensation for a Ski Accident

Individuals who have suffered a ski accident due to a ski resort’s negligence can claim compensation by hiring a Denver inclement weather accident lawyer. A Denver inclement weather accident lawyer will have the expertise and experience necessary for efficiently handling a ski accident case and will do their best to ensure you receive the highest compensation possible for the damages.

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How We Can Help

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